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Wilderness meets Art
Imagine if you could find the community where every part of you is stretched, tested, soothed, healed and sharpened. Your senses are opened; more acute. Your mind is more fluid, clearer, sharper, calmer, and kinder. Your body is tired and happy. Your creativity is nourished.

Most of us are living in boxes, huddled together with other souls in cities, disengaged and removed from the wild places of Scotlandís nature, which leaves us physically, mentally, emotionally and creatively undernourished.

We all have creativity, whether itís something we tap into daily; or itís a hobby we never dared to pursue; or even a career as an artist. Our mission is to create a space where all of those can flourish. A place for connection and inspiration. Where wilderness meets art. Where we can stretch our legs and our minds.

Where we can get our hands dirty, and discover muscles we never knew we had, go to bed exhausted, and wake up invigorated. Inspired and enthralled, and energised and motivated.

Retreats, residencies, curated programmes of courses and workshops. Ancient woodland crafts anchor us in the landscape. Linking that ecosystem and heritage allows us to create things of beauty: pine-tree bread; wood-fired pottery; a rewilded forest; a hearth; a resilient community.

Join our tribe

We need help to build this place: collaborators; specialists; and those simply keen to be part of this and make it happen.

If that's you, drop us an email. We'd love to hear from you.